Wayne Talismans Long Bloody Night (A Wayne Talisman Adventure)

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Say My Name : Shendu has an epic one at the end of the third season finale. Scaled Up : This happens to the Enforcers when Drago decides to take them on as minions by granting them dragon powers. This didn't last, and Strikemaster Ice and his cronies later take up the mantle of being Drago's human-dragon hybrid henchmen instead. Science Fantasy : JCA is overwhelmingly fantasy, although some sci-fi elements pop up occasionally.

For example, Section 13 has some futuristic technology, such as laser weaponry and a time machine. At the end of "The Chan Who Knew Too Much", it turns out that Stonehenge is a landing pad for flying saucers, implying that space aliens exist in this universe. Screw the Money, I Have Rules!

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Tohru joins them at first, but it turns out he was just pretending in order to warn Jackie who was asked to be a security guard. Sdrawkcab Name : In one episode, the rat talisman brings Jade's beloved Gnomekop toy to life. Remember that the G is silent. Sealed Evil in a Can : Most seasons involved the heroes attempting to reseal escaped ancient villains back in their cans. In the series, this is justified by the fact that destroying evil will only allow a different and probably stronger evil to take its place. Better then to keep around the evil threat you already know how to deal with , than risk leaving the way open for something far worse to come up that you may not know how to deal with in time.

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The most notable example is Shendu , a demonic dragon who had to be turned into a wall-mounted statue multiple times. He also sometimes got banished back to the Netherworld along with his seven siblings , who are also powerful demons. The Grand Finale had Shendu and his son Drago both being sent away to the Netherworld while they were fighting each other. Their leader Tarakudo , an Oni Lord, was somehow reduced to a disembodied head and banished to another dimension, while his nine Oni Generals and their respective Shadowkhan armies were trapped in Oni Masks that, should they all be reunited in one place, will be set free so they can start taking over the world.

In the end, every single Oni and Shadowkhan are trapped inside a single mask that was placed on Tarakudo's face. Some minor villains also got the eternal imprisonment treatment: Daolon Wong 's demonic henchmen, the Dark Chi Warriors , end up getting trapped inside a magic box the Urn of Wei Ching by Uncle. Also Spring-Heeled Jack , who can be turned to stone by pouring salt on him, and released if water is poured on him.

The Monkey King , an evil trickster who was turned into a puppet, but will be changed back into flesh-and-blood if another person pulls the puppet's leg which turns them into a puppet in the Monkey King's place.

And there's also a group of evil spirits trapped inside a mirror , who desperately beg for anyone nearby to free them. Sealed Evil in a Duel : The series ends with this, as the fifth season's Big Bad Drago using the powers of all eight demon sorcerers and his father Shendu the Big Bad of the entire series, using all twelve of his talismans are sealed within another realm to duel for all eternity.

Neither of them takes their fate very seriously, and they spend their time bickering: Shendu chastising Drago for being an impudent child playing with his father's world yes, Shendu still thinks Earth is his for the taking , while Drago whines about Shendu never being there for him because he's always busy fighting wizards.

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Faber and Faber, London, pp. Scavengers scour the ruins for power blades, energy cannons, and airboats. Under the salvific influence of Christianity , Arthur and his men were the finest heroes in all Christendom and beyond. It was mainly originated from necromancy, for propitious wishes, terrifying ghosts , lucky money , or even for praying the victory of a war. Who is going to be the first one to pass the recruitment assessment days filled with mysterious puzzles and intrigue.

Second Person Attack : The title sequence involves Jackie punching the main villain of the season through the foe's POV and then shaking his hand in pain as he transforms into his live-action self. Self-Constructed Being : Shendu with some help from the Dark Hand to turn from statue to flesh , and later Daolong Wong to gain a new physical body entirely, as he'd been reduced to a spirit at that point. Shadow Walker : The Shadowkhan, a tribe of magic ninjas among other things , can use shadows as dimensional doors. Shark Pool : In the Kyoto Octopus episode.

Shield Surf : Happens in the first episode.

It's also how they get Xu Lin out of the Lotus Temple. Shown Their Work : While a lot of the cultures they visit are made up and the characters generally do things that are physically impossible, the producers do show a conscious effort to accurately portray a lot of the locations and some more specific facts about them. Shout-Out : Several to other works in the real-life Chan's career.

Just for instance, episodes called " Shanghai Moon ", "Half a Mask of Kung Fu", " Armor of God " he actually winds up wearing the armor from the film , then there's Jade telling a film producer he does all his own stunts, Jade letting Jackie believe she doesn't speak English , Uncle being a performer in "Seven Little Fortunes" One episode is a Whole Plot Reference to Enter the Dragon the movie where Jackie got his start as an extra, probably-not-incidentally. Any time Viper shows up, expect one reference to The Pink Panther series.

And then there was a whole episode that spoofed James Bond. Shut Up, Hannibal!

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Wayne Talisman's Long Bloody Night (A Wayne Talisman Adventure) - Kindle edition by Garvan Giltinan. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device. Wayne Talismans Long Bloody Night A Wayne Talisman Adventure Way Out Bloody West A Wayne Talisman Novella Wayne Talisman Adventures. Otherwise it.

Shendu : "I will have my revenge, even if it takes another nine hundred years! No Rat means you're just a statue. And no dog means, as the Dragon Talisman in her hand glows you're not immortal. Ratso : Too bad about the lost treasure of Finn : Uh, will this affect our bonuses? Ratso : You get a bonus? Valmont : Shut it! Tchang Zu: My palace!

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These humans have paved my paradise and constructed a Ratso: Uh, parking lot? Daolon Wong : "Come to me! Liberate us Shadowkhan! Rise my army of darkness! I'm getting wise. Ratso: What's a Babylonian urn? Finn: Probably more than we do! Finn: "Heh, you wanna see Lo Pei, you ought to check out my salary.

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Episode 19 airdate. Episode 29 production. Kids WB! Justice League Unlimited. Season 1. Episode 18 airdate. Episode 18 production. Episode 6 airdate.

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Episode 32 production. Episode 11 airdate. Episode 11 production. Episode 8 airdate. Episode 21 production. Episode 3 airdate. Episode 5 production. Episode 20 airdate.

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Episode 20 production. Season 4. Episode 1 airdate. Episode 51 production. Episode 5 airdate. Episode 6 production. They have no choice but to act decisively and help the cause. Will their skills and prowess make the difference when the impending disaster hits? When a seemingly unstoppable force reigns down on the day to day life of simple, innocent people a much bigger problem will be accidentally instigated.

Soul Bound Preview. The gods are dying. Thane has served his goddess for thousands of lifetimes, but even he knows that time is running out.