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Sixth grade spelling words will teach students how vowels behave when located next to one another and how they act when separated by clusters of consonants.

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As kids get older, the words get longer. One of the best ways to get a hold of multi-syllabic words is to start noticing the patterns in them.

Sixth Grade Spelling Bee Words

When vowels stand next to each other in a word, they regularly do very odd and confusing things. One of the oddest things they do is break a syllable between them. Words like create, idiom, and coagulate all show the VV pattern.

The more students see the VV pattern, the easier it becomes to read words containing a double vowel syllable break. Sixth-graders will see many such words this year. Many words in English separate two syllables with only one consonant.

6th Grade Spelling Words

It's helpful to fully grasp this pattern because it comes up quite a bit. Credit, evil, behave, robot, select, and police are all very snappy, quick words because only one consonant stands between the vowels making the noise.

It's as if the mind wants to put those vowels as close together as possible and rushes through the rest of the words to make that happen. With practice, sixth-graders will start to train their ear to the sound of words and know how to spell them from an acquired instinct. In slower words syllables are often separated by two consonants.

Syllable Patterns

Permit, subject, custom, and publish all seem to pause in the middle for a moment longer than words in the VCV pattern. Notice also that these examples illustrate how the sound of words can change between syllables in VCCV, e. Listen for the pause; words like pattern and bubble follow the VCCV pattern, too, with no shift in sound, but they still hang for a very slight moment on their double consonants. Most of video game-playing skill comes from noticing patterns in timing, so this should be a cinch.

Sixth-graders should be pretty net-savvy by now, so they should scour the Internet for a good word list. Word lists do not vary too much from school to school in the US, and even if they study the wrong words, they will still be getting the patterns down. Here's a pretty good list of words. Here is a great place for kids sixth grade and older to find word games that will help them spell better. Why is the difficulty level so much greater?

Students' vocabularies are increasing rapidly. Examples: unbelievable, independence 3.

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Other subject areas, like math and science, require students to know how to spell harder words. Examples: denominator, pollution. Printable version of our Sixth Grade Spelling Words. Try using our dictation sentences for a fun way to practice sixth grade spelling words! Cryptogram Worksheet: Puzzle page for upper grades. Includes instructions so students, parents or teachers can make more cryptogram puzzles with any word list. Croaky Meets the Plumber and Extra Letters Worksheets : Students chose the correctly spelled words to complete an interesting story or eliminate extra letters to solve a word puzzle.

Fifty-Fifty - Fun word game for kids. Older students earn points as they engage in word play and spelling fun. Wacky packages!

6th grade words definitions

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