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Go to the fair 3. Go boating 4. Visit Door County 5. Spend a full week at the cabin. A few things on my bucket list for this summer include: Taking a family vacation Going fishing for the first time Taking a sunset trip to the beach Going put-put golfing Moving Spending time setting up and loving our new home Enjoying the days with my daughter Heading to the library and getting books weekly. My bucket list: -Go berry picking -Weekend at the beach -Move into our first home! Upcoming fun: a 2nd birthday party, a beach vacation, and a day trip of shopping! This is my first summer as a mom and my husband and I just moved into our first home that we bought so this year is a year of beginnings!

My bucket list is:. Go to the zoo which was just flooded in the Alberta floods which happened last week two of the giraffes are in very bad condition from stress but we are hoping they pull through so we can bring our son there and show him how our city rebuilds itself after such a tragedy. Plant a flower bed in our new house I do not have a green thumb so who knows how it will go!!! A few from our list — walk to frozen yogurt place hang a sheet on the fence to paint a trip to the beach throwing rocks in the creek smores! Love it! Oh so many!

Bucket list 1- Win lots of soccer tournaments this summer 2- Have lots of sleepover and play dates with cousins 3-Go to the county fair 4-Visit grandparents 5-Have some picnics with friends. Some of our bucket list: — outdoor concert — picnic at the park — make pretzels from scratch — catch fireflies in a jar — walk on a beach. Popina is just perfection. Run the Independence Day 5k 2. Eat more ice cream 4.

Climb a mountain. Backyard Camping 2. Pick tomatoes fresh off the plants and pop directly into mouth. Run through the sprinklers. Roast marshmallows over the grill. Drink beers on the patio with my husband after the babies are in bed. Make sweet tea and fill with lemons Read a book in a hammock! Want to swim in lake and Sleep under stars.. Swim in a non-freezing mountain lake Swim in Lake Michigan Catch the ice cream truck Drinks with friends. Visit a speakeasy in our new neighborhood for a summer cocktail 3. Do yoga at Red Rock Amphitheatre 4.

Hike up a big ole mountain 5. Take a moment each day to express my gratitude for all the beauty surrounding me and my family. Our summer bucket list includes: Camping Going to see fireworks Spend at least 1 weekend in cabin country northern Minnesota Play hooky from work and go to the pool Get shaved ice — and lots of other summer fair food — at a local festival.

Summer Bucket List 1 Get my oldest son walking. My bucket list is short this year because the kids are visiting their dad for the next three weeks, but included on our family list is:. My 10 year old sons list… -Make bread and pasta from scratch -Go to the beach and bring the dog -Play baseball at the local school field. Bucket list: Hit a new park each week- lots of good ones in our city we have never been to.

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Cardinals game! Weekend lake trip with boating and fishing Make sangria with homegrown mint. I can taste it now! Summer fun items that we have completed already include: pick strawberries, picnic at the sprinkler park, and free kids movie on a rainy day. A few left to do: go to the drive-in movies, listen to outdoor concert, family bike ride, and flag down the ice cream man!


We checked off one of the biggies today : reintroduce our nowmonth-old Marshall to our Splash Pad. I see many, many more visits in our future. It was cheaper than going to the beach…but I could still use that suit! LOVE it. Spend time with 12 year old son see first 2 whenever he agrees.

Walk the dogs more often, longer walks. Enjoy the small things. We want to 1 Go camping in the mountains, 2 Visit the local water park, 3 Have a water balloon fight, 4 Go boating on Lake Evergreen, 5 attend outside concerts. One my bucket list this summer: Fireworks Picnic Visit the beach See my family from Tennessee Get my baby to sleep through the night! Our summer bucket list: Make tye dye t-shirts Visit Disney for 1st time ever Eat homemade ice-cream. I love your positive outlook on family and life. After reading your story here, I got your book and finished it in like 3 days with 2 little ones at home that is record for me.

Would love this swimsuit. We have a 2nd birthday to celebrate, lots of dinners in the park not to mention squeeze every last bit of fun out of our little town before we move to our new home in the fall. Hike the Smoky Mtns done! Pick garden vegetables every day 3. Wean the boy from his pacifier 4. Win a Popina swimsuit! Fit my preggo self into said swimsuit. Summer bucket List: Go to the pool actually get the little one in the water Visit the local zoo swing at the park every day for a week play in the sprinkler. Camping, hikes, beach, BBQ parties, drinks on the deck alcoholic this year since I am not pregnant this summer , babies first birthday.

Catch lightening bugs with the nieces 2. Play in the rain 4. Harvest vegetables from our garden 5.

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Pop fireworks on the 4th. I also really hope that my mom can hear the elk bugling and the coyotes singing before she leaves.

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We are headed home to beautiful MI this weekend. On the agenda, fireflies, fireworks, and camp fires! Summer Bucket List go to Costa Rica done!

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Swim, Swim, Swim 2. Mini Golf 3.

Eat as much ice cream as we can. My summer bucket list: 1. Spend all day in bed with my husband and daughter 2. Get out of town with my sweet family 3. Finger paint with pudding with my daughter 4. Stay up all night watching movies with my husband 5.


Teenage thinking is characterized by the ability to reason logically and solve hypothetical problems such as how to design, plan, and build a structure. Ian is a senior English major and a student in the Kidd Tutorial. Sitting in my baby pool with my babies drinking a popsicle because the sun melted it to fast. Each day I realize that there are small things to enjoy in each day!!!! Her mind whirred, her feet readied to pounce, push, dodge and bear the pain— and then there was a paper in that same hand, awkwardly pierced on the knife. Ice pops on a hot and humid summer day. During an offshore science cruise, ate fresh tuna sushi straight from the fish, immediately after it was caught, while it was being cleaned and its muscles were still twitching.

Watch the sunrise. Great list, Kelle! A few of the things on my summer list are: Princess night with my daughter Spa night with my daughter Lots of swimming at the lake with my kids Trip to the coast Lots of hikes year getaway with my husband Make sure my kids laugh everyday. Take the girls to Chattanooga before school starts back they wanna go to the aquarium and do the Duck Boat. I am inspired by your list to add a few new things to ours! Right now our summer bucket list is mostly recycled from years past:. Beach and Books Picking up my son from his excursion to China Organize teaching materials in the garage — need to be ruthless here!!!

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The one thing I am most looking forward to…having a paint fight with my kids! Love them so much. St Augustine has been on my list for a few years too! Hosting playdates, camping, play in the sprinklers, fair, bbqs, bon fire, horseback riding, parks n rec classes…. Great list! My summer bucket list includes: being able to do a hand-stand, reading an entire book, leaning how to can green beans, going swimming, and going into fall completely relaxed.

LOVE your list. Catch lightning bugs. Examine the cicadas. Laugh a lot. Enjoy one another. Make goal weight of lbs by August 31st also my 30th birthday and hopefully will celebrate losing 81 lbs!!!!