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Rollo is the overworked, stressed-out Head Elf at the North Pole.

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As he prepares for Christmas Eve, he has to deal with toys that look like they're having sex, terrorist reindeer, and worst of all, the sudden death of Santa Claus. Rollo has to save Christmas after he finds out that Santa is not just dead -- he is undead. Powers vs. Words: 46, Published: June 16, The tension between Knighthawk and Sun Man escalates, while the true power in the world conspires to seize complete control. This is the conclusion of the Powers vs. Power series. Published: July 30, Sun Man divides his loyalties between the Neighborhood Heroes and his corporate backers.

Randall Moss' friend Marcus takes up the Knighthawk persona. A dream of war almost kills them both.

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Supervillains trash Beverly Hills. One child is lost and another is found. When will the heroes have to face Void, the man with the voice of death? Words: 40, Published: December 31, In Los Angeles, a city where glamor and grit exist side by side, heroes and villains struggle to define what good and evil mean. A self made millionaire and an accidental superhero both follow a dream of superpowers, with very different results for each. All around them, the true centers of power will decide their fates. Published: December 28, Earth - The forbidden planet! Expy : His strength-boosted form is very similar to Bane from Batman.

Genius Bruiser : Despite his 'Bro' attitude and his new monsterous form, this take on Fistrick focuses more on his intellect as well, creating the weapons from reverse engeineering the technology and making a super steroid. Vilgax and his henchmen Psychobos and Rojo's gangs.

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In General Vilgax Determinator : Takes on Ben, Julie and Rook without any real trouble when he returns, and is only defeated once backup arrives. And on his way to Incarcecon, he takes a blast from a techadon dissipator head on and only suffers minor damage while in handcuffs, and makes a badass escape with Sixsix, Sevenseven and Eighteight. Handicapped Badass : Vilgax is introduced as this.

His powers that he stole are now gone, reducing him to needing new cybernetics that are still being repaired from misuse. Even with this handicap, he can still easily defeat Ben and co. The Only One Allowed to Defeat You : How he feels about Ben, to the point that he defends the hero from an attack that would've killed him. Psyphon Liam Adaptational Badass : Liam is the more legitimate threat of the group in this take. Yes he is like a chicken but he is the Badass Normal of the team. Bubble Helmet is also a lot more intimidating.

Mixed Ancestry : Liam is not a purely 'Chicken' alien-he's actually part Hawk, which is how 'Kickin Hawk' was able to get his hawkish appearance. Psycho Rangers : Rojo's gang fits as this, as they are color coordinated with a 'Sixth' ranger in the form of Sombra, a mysterious black-armored figure. Animo and Clancy.

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Mendoza proposed to regulate, tax and use the foreign invaders by getting the support of SASTRAC and forcing them to be more accountable and literally pay for their activities on Argentine soil. Magic Skirt : Replaces it with a pair of shorts in Season 2 onward, especially after getting kidnapped by Khyber when wearing a pair To avoid the Reality Ensues moments with it. It contains an in-depth Adventure Path scenario, stats for about a half-dozen new monsters, and several support articles meant to give Game Masters additional material to expand their campaign. The Eye of Tanub. Tag Along Kid : Tries to be this, but is kept away from the actions for his own safety. Except for the Argentine Desert, the geography of South America is relatively unaltered from what it was like in the 20th Century.

Adaptational Badass : Unlike in Omniverse, Animo is still a legitmiate threat like in the original series and Alien Force. Clancy also returns wit his human-level intellect returning but retaining his insectoid form. The Bus Came Back : Clancy was nowhere to be seen in any of the sequels. Is now The Dragon to Dr. Beast Master : Both of them. Adaptational Badass : His single appearance in Omniverse had him lose in a single blast of electricity.

Here, it takes both Tetrax and Ben as Goop and Shocksquatch to take him down. Giant Enemy Crab : Is a cybernetic one with a giant claw-like appendage used for smashing things. Broken Pedestal : Is one for Ben after he became a villain.

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Manipulative Bastard : Is this in spades as he has always been, manipulating Sunny into a false sense of security. The Sociopath : Is very monstrous in terms of personality and many of the Plumbers are worried when fighting him. Zombozo and the Circus freaks.

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Emotion Eater : Zombozo is this and enjoys all forms of emotions when he is hungry. Monster Clown : Zombozo is still this. Acid Breath Acid Attack : He can release extremely corrosive Hollywood Acid from his mouth, either as a liquid or as a cloud of vapor. The Dragon : Zombozo's second in command and the most dangerous of the henchmen wiht his acidic breath. Hollywood Acid : His breath can break down most materials and can even harm beings that, like Ship, are bio-mechanical in nature.

Thumbskull Dumb Muscle : Is the moronic muscle. The Forever Knights. Spared by the Adaptation : Survived, if barely, against the fight with Vilgax. Is now the leader of the bigger faction of the surviving Forever Knights. Will Harangue. Malicious Slander : Has a bit of an irrational hatred for Ben and will go all out for it.

Emperor Milleous: Abusive Parents : Kept his daughter frozen in stasis for several years as punishment for stealing his throne. Evil Overlord : The ruthless leader of a military empire.

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Galactic Conqueror : The emperor of a race of warmongering alien frogs. Something of a given. Princess Attea Alpha Bitch : Is still the same alien frog princess as her cannon counterpart.

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Chessmaster Sidekick : to her father, as she is able to think of great plans on the fly and has ways around potentially problematic losses. Plot-Relevant Age-Up : Was forced through cybernetic implants to look much older. Super Soldier : Was given cybernetic implants to increase her combat capabilities and to compensate for the years she lost in suspended animation. Younger Than They Look : is actually 15 years old, but appears to be about 19 or 20 due to cybernetic implants.

Apex Blood Knight : Is a monstrous being who enjoys a good battle, even by Appoplexian standards. Hates to be judged for it. Yohi Casting a Shadow : To fit into the 6 elemental cycle of the Andromeda aliens, this race has the power over shadows and is a master of stealth. Ominous Owl : Like the other races who are mostly based on animals, the Fukorapters are a race of shadow owls with piercing white eyes and a fast moving body. The Dreaded : Is part of the most feared race of the Andromeda Planets. Mix-and-Match Critter : Is a monster that is made out of mostly a Yeti with dragon wings and horns.

The Cameo : Makes his debut appearance in the second episode of season 3, saving Argost. The Dreaded : his first appearance has him wreaking havoc when he first arrives, scaring Ben a bit when he is able to pick him up. Stroggian Siblings. Heatblast Pyronite from Pyros Flight : Via propulsion, like the canonical version. Playing with Fire : Naturally. Disability Super Power : Still blind, but can track things easily. Diamondhead Petrosapien from Petropia Gemstone Assault : Can shoot out a barrage of crystals from his body, almost going into Earthbender territory with his crystals as well.

Shock and Awe : His species is revealed to be able to create a short burst of electricity when stored enough static electricity. Cannot control it though. Heart Is an Awesome Power : Being a super genius, he is able to out think most of his enemies when in this form.

Quickly proven when he took out the Vreedles in the Contemlia ship. Gadgeteer Genius : Is a super genius as before, and can make high tech devices and figures out technology quickly. While he isn't as flashy as some of his other super strength-bsaed aliens, he's more agile than Slamstrike and Humongousaur and is able to work in smaller areas than his bigger aliens. Multi-Armed and Dangerous : Four arms and four fists for pounding. Proud Warrior Race Guy : Is a member of this species, but isn't one himself.

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Flight : He's called Stinkfly for a reason. Ripjaws Piscciss Volann from Piscciss Adaptational Badass : Is actually able to use an instinctive hunting mode and can last longer on land than before. Cyber Cyclops : Still looks like his original self; does not gain the 'Omnitrix for an eye' thing.

Shapeshifting : Is able to do this thanks to his maluable form. Is very sharp however. Combat Tentacles : Is able to summon these out of his body.

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Our Ghosts Are Different : Is an alien ghost-like being. Rolling Attack : Is a living wrecking ball with the ability to roll around at high speeds. Cyclops : Has only one eye. Plant Aliens : Is one of these and Ben's oldest one, based on vines and thorns. Make Me Wanna Shout : Is still able to use a sonic howl as before. Noble Wolf : Is a werewolf-like alien but is very heroic still. Our Werewolves Are Different : Has grown a bit since Ben last used him, even getting a sort of warrior ponytail to go with his more tribal look. Combat Tentacles : Is made from this entirely.