Islam without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty

Lecture: Islam Without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty by Mustafa Akyol
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Islam without Extremes

This tendency to perceive the most radical elements in another society as its mainstream and the media's focus on lunatics have thwarted the West's attempts in engaging Muslims in the Middle East. Reshipping: If your order is returned to us by the delivery company due to incorrect or insufficient delivery details, you will be charged the cost of reshipping the order. Hazik Mohamed. Be the first to ask a question about Islam without Extremes. Priority Shipping dispatches available items first. Explanation The dispatch time will depend on the status of your item s at our warehouse. Persuasive and inspiring, Islam without Extremes offers a desperately needed intellectual basis for the reconcilability of Islam and religious, political, economic, and social freedoms.

Menderes was removed by the military in and hanged the next year. In the four decades that followed, Turkish politics oscillated between militarism, secularism, and the slow, then rapid, rise of Islamist forces. Akyol presented the emergence and growth of Islamist politics in Turkey as representing an "increasing … aspir[ation] to democracy. The book's introduction includes dismaying details unlikely to be noticed by someone not well-versed in Turkish history.

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The author's father was jailed by the military authorities in , and Akyol visited him in prison, which he recalls as "tyranny not in the name of Islam … but in the name of the secular state. He also ignores its terrorist youth arm, the "Grey Wolves," notwithstanding that even today its activities threaten secularists and Alevis.

Islam prior to the Ottoman era was presented by Akyol as the "curious story" of the faith and its intellectual development.

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In the author's rush to acclaim a recent, purported Turkish "synthesis of Islam and liberalism," he sacrificed nuances in Islamic historiography involving topics such as the unsettled debate over rationalism posed by the intellectual attitudes of the Umayyad and Abbasid dynasties.

Akyol appeared heavily invested in the ignorance of his readers, believing that simply repeating buzzwords such as "rationalism," "liberalism," and "democracy" would suffice to win over his audience. Akyol advocated for nineteenth-century Ottoman reformers and their supposed heirs.

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The author noted correctly that the appeal of the AKP was enhanced by the development, at last, of an Islamist business class of rural origin, the so-called "Anatolian tigers. But if capitalism in the past and in the West led inevitably to civil society and thence to democracy, it seems to have had an opposite outcome in such countries as China, post-Soviet Russia, and Turkey. Civil society has been weak in the first two, and because it was secular, civil society became a target of the AKP in Akyol's native land.

Akyol appears to be cut from this same cloth as he repeats the libel that Jews believe "they had an inherent sense of superiority over the Gentiles.

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Akyol benignly described "a more democratic era … apparently at dawn in the Muslim world" and the Muslim Brotherhood as "changed" into a democratic Islamist phenomenon. The mass disaffection with AKP in Turkey, the reestablishment of military rule in Egypt, and the horrific bloodshed in Syria must leave him downcast.

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Islam without Extremes closes with Akyol's ambiguous defense of the rights to apostasy and criticism of Islam in his brave new world, combined with the suggestion that under "Islamic democracy," drinking alcohol would not be prohibited. Akyol is neither the first nor the last author to be inconvenienced by events that failed to conform to hurried and exuberant claims about incidents taking place as he wrote.

It is only unfortunate that the fantasies expressed in this book may have gained him credibility, at least temporarily, among the U. Middle East Quarterly.

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This, according to the publisher, is "a desperately needed intellectual basis for the reconcilability of Islam and religious, political, economic, and social freedoms. From to , he was a senior visiting fellow at Wellesley College , and since has been senior fellow at the Cato Institute.

In , he said he changed his mind, noting that "the theory of evolution is perfectly compatible with the faith" [18]. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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A provocative manifesto for an interpretation of Islam that synthesizes liberal ideas and respect for the Islamic tradition. From furious reactions to the cartoons of. “A delightfully original take on the prospects for liberal democracy in the broader Islamic Middle East.”—Matthew Kaminski, Wall Street Journal As the Arab.

Mustafa Akyol. Retrieved 4 November Turkish Daily News. Retrieved International Herald Tribune. Even in this newspaper there are several fiercely pro-AKP columnists, including my sparring partner, Mustafa Akyol.

Islam without Extremes: A Muslim Case for Liberty

Mustafa Akyol has left no stone unturned in his efforts to convince the readers of the Turkish Daily News of the benefits of the Islamic revival which has taken place since the Justice and Development Party AKP government came to power over five years ago. FrontPage Magazine. Retrieved 20 July Retrieved on Retrieved May 17, The Pitch.