Im Just Beginning to See: A Story in the Songs of Justin Hayward

Justin Case: When Lonnie Donegan Signed Justin Hayward
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So when I was 10 they got me a guitar; I could kind of already play it, and then it was just a question of finding enough kids from school who would form a little group. So from 10 onwards I had decent guitars, and when I was 15 I was earning enough money semi-pro to buy a [Gibson] and a Vox amp. So there was a lot of work for the semi-pro bands I was in. He played with the John Barry 7 and he also played the Bond theme as well, the original Bond theme. Vic was a great influence on me, and he was the one image we held in the British scene of a great guitar player.

Guitar playing came from a different angle with all of those Liverpool and Manchester groups. He was one of my first friends when I came to London. How do you approach that aspect of your playing? The engineer at Decca, Derek Varnals, he and I together worked on getting the sound on those first seven [Moody Blues] albums, and you can see that sound develop from being just a Telecaster stuck through an AC30 and being the and having nice compression and nice echoes around it and the way that we recorded it.

And Derek and [producer] Tony Clarke sort of educated me, or we all educated each other, about how to record a guitar and it always worked better in the Moodys songs not to have a solo about technique but about melody falling into the sort of cracks between the chords. You have some fans who are pretty adamant about this.

How do you feel? Is the group done as a recording entity? FGPO: Does it in a way not matter anymore? Is it as good as that? Is it a foot forward or a step back? I might become just an ordinary human being; this life is beginning to get to me. We, his devoted fans, will always hold Justin in high esteem. We appreciate the contribution he and The Moody Blues have made to our lives as well as the music scene. All the best to you, sweet Justin.

You are forever loved. Very enjoyable read, Gary.

You ask timely questions that delve deeply without overstepping and your high regard for the music is apparent. Could not be happier for him and pleased that the solo endeavors will continue. Thank you. This was a very interesting interview and I appreciate thoughtful meaningful questions and answers.

God Bless the Moody Blues! This world can never have enough love songs. I often wonder whether JH realizes how many people in this world, learned as teens, the depth and meaning of love, and romanticism, and that he and the Moodies were instrumental in that early education. It stays with me to this day. I am a FT professional musician, and would have never been the same without that powerful influence.

There are very few like JH, counted on one hand.

Moody Blues’ Justin Hayward Isn’t Burning Up Over What Got Lost in the Fire

And every new song JH writes, always has that incredibly moving ingredient. My deepest thanks. My very first LP ever.

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I was 12 years old and it was a Christmas Gift. It has been a good ride! Adam Randolph. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. From the Publisher : This book is being sold on a non profit basis. From the Author : Justin Hayward is the lead guitarist for The Moody Blues -- one of the foremost progressive rock bands from the 's.

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New Paperback Quantity Available: New Quantity Available: 5. Hayward: laughing Do they? I guess the music keeps me young. You know once I'm back in the dressing room, I look my age! Hayward has continued to ping between tours with "The Moodies" to supporting his thriving catalog of solo material with shows around the world and a brand new tour that pulls into The Ridgefield Playhouse on Tuesday, May 17, for an 8 pm show.

And, of course, the songs from [the solo album]. After that, we became firm friends. And he finds it through horses… and the horses give him back his life. It's going to be a lovely movie and it goes into production later this year.

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David and I jumped the gun a little bit; we got so carried away with the story that we wrote a song together Hayward: If I retired John, what would I do? You know I live near the Italian border, so what would you have me do? Walk around with my X-Rays going from doctor to doctor? Then we had a phase in the mid-'90s where we were working a lot with full orchestras.

I'm Just Beginning to See — A Book.

There were a number of subsidized performances with full symphonies, some filmed for PBS. We couldn't afford to take an orchestra on the road with us, but there were many chances to play with orchestras in America and Europe in the many cities we visited. In fact, even now PBS has been kind showing. It represents very precious days for the four of us - me, Mike, John and Graeme, yes. You must be logged in to post a comment. Welcome, User.

Justin Hayward is in good spirits these days

By John Voket. Text Size. Courtesy RPH. Moody Blues singer and front man Justin Hayward told The Newtown Bee he is starting to get worried about preserving his beloved vintage Gibson ES , one of the first instruments he ever bought as a teenager. Courtesy Justin Hayward. Leave a Reply Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

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