From Out of Air: A Set of Songs for Soprano and Piano

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Probably the second best known is by Bernhard Flies, which was originally attributed to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Hugo Wolf also wrote a more difficult and yet lilting Wiegenlied, as did Richard Strauss. I suspect you could pick just about any of the prolific lieder composers and find they composed a lullaby.

The 15 Best Sing Along Songs for Piano

The God Jupiter comes down to Earth to verify that human kind is mostly evil. He finds one old, righteous, and happy couple that wishes to be young to live their lives together again.

30 Most Famous Classical Piano Pieces

He sends them to sleep with this song, in order to grant their wish. Jupiter is a bass and the song is beautiful with either an orchestra or piano accompaniment. Arguably the most beautiful aria in the opera and sung by the leading tenor. In a recital, it would be a lovely addition with piano and violin soloist. Though a Norwegian text is available, often it is performed in German and sung by a soprano. While I have mentioned several arias in this list, many more beautiful lullabies were composed for opera.

The minor tonality also gives it a certain sadness, which is very charming. Faint clocks strike as from olden days,. Outside in the drifting blossoms,. Evening listens in at the window panes,.

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Seller Rating:. The tempo then changes and a recitative-like section begins. This is Dehlinger's debut as a jazz arranger. BeepBox is developed by John Nesky , also known as shaktool. Thomson wrote songs throughout his career and they offer a unique window into his changing musical concerns and his compositional evolution. It was wonderful to hear Mitchell explore the rich depths of her voice as she delivered the sultry phrases with a molten hue. Philip Glass: Etude No.

The fourth song in the cycle is about the voice declaring how pleasant it is spending time with you. It begins with a light motif in common time. The voice bases the main theme on the note A. The song ends with an ascending sequence to the tonic chord. And blossom myself along with them;. Oh hold me tightly, my beloved!

The fifth and final song within this set is evocative of the voice going through a field of flowers.

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The tempo then changes and a recitative-like section begins. The ending is a shimmer of hope from the piano, ending on a tonic chord.

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Your e-mail address will not be published. A form that celebrates clear Read more…. Philip Glass: Etude No. It will not be long now Before neither moon nor stars But only night will be seen in the heavens. From all the mountains Fog presses down upon the town; No roof may be discerned, no yard nor house, No sound penetrates through the smoke, Barely even a tower or a bridge.

Alma Mahler ‘Five Songs for Voice and Piano’: Light Lieder

But as the traveller became filled with dread A little light shone out, And through smoke and fog A song praise began, Sung by children. Stands a shady apple tree. Three beautiful maidens Slept under the apple tree. The youngest of the three Blossom, my heart, blossom forth! The youngest of the three Blinked and hardly woke. In , to honor the th anniversary of Shakespeare's death, a vocal recital of music focusing on his texts and those he inspired seemed fitting.

The program explores a spectrum of musical styles and languages which showcases some of his most beloved female characters. Whatever the reason, these songs are always a pleasure to sing or hear.

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This program is a collection of some of my personal favorite pieces as well as some popular standard favorites. Works by Barber, Strauss, Debussy, and Heggie are just some the featured selections on the program.

They see life with such clarity, have a strong sense of right and wrong, and take delight in the little everyday joys. In addition, for better or worse, they often speak without a filter. This program endeavors to recapture the child's perspective through song from lullabies to children's commentary on the world around them.

Program is for voice, piano and violin. Romanticized Ireland is a concept that many are familiar with around the globe.

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It was quite a popular notion in the early 20th century, especially in Great Britain. Most of the music that became popular were classically set Irish folksongs. Aside from these works, very little is known of Irish art song in the classical music community in the United States. Program is for voice and lute.

Back in good old England around the late 's, audiences would have delighted in the music of John Dowland. A little something for everyone on this mash-up program. Water makes up a vast majority of our planet and is a vital part to life.