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A majority of employers monitor their employees. Employers are motivated by concern over litigation and the increasing role that electronic evidence plays in lawsuits and government agency investigations. Such monitoring is virtually unregulated.

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Therefore, unless company policy specifically states otherwise and even this is not assured , your employer may monitor most of your workplace activity. These policies may be communicated through employee handbooks, by memos, in union contracts, and by other means. Courts often have found that when employees are on the job, their expectation of privacy is limited. Computers and Workstations. Employers generally are allowed to monitor your activity on a workplace computer or workstation. Since the employer owns the computer network and the terminals, he or she is free to use them to monitor employees.

Technology exists for your employer to monitor almost any aspect of your computer or workstation use. There are several types of monitoring:. Employees are given some protection from computer and other forms of electronic monitoring under certain circumstances. Union contracts, for example, may limit the employer's right to monitor. Also, public sector employees may have some minimal rights under the United States Constitution, in particular the Fourth Amendment which safeguards against unreasonable search and seizure.

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Most computer monitoring equipment allows employers to monitor without the employees' knowledge. However, some employers do notify employees that monitoring takes place.

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A majority of employers monitor their employees. Read PDF Dran bleiben! Your e-mail is a reflection of you. Do you love it when people write their whole message in the email subject line or does it make you cringe? We are recognised as the global benchmark for quality and integrity. View all copies of this ISBN edition:.

This information may be communicated in memos, employee handbooks, union contracts, at meetings or on a sticker attached to the computer. Email and Instant Messaging.

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If an email or instant messaging system is used at a company, the employer owns it and is allowed to review its contents. Messages sent within the company as well as those that are sent or received to or from another person or company can be subject to monitoring by your employer. Employees should assume that their email and instant messaging on a company system is being monitored and is not private. Several workplace privacy court cases have been decided in the employer's favor. See for example:. Some employers use encryption to protect the privacy of their employees' email.

Encryption involves scrambling the message at the sender's terminal, then unscrambling the message at the terminal of the receiver. This ensures the message is read only by the sender and his or her intended recipient. While this system prevents coworkers and hackers from reading your email, your employer may still have access to these messages.

In most instances, employers may listen to your phone calls at work. For example, employers may monitor calls with clients or customers for reasons of quality control.

However, when the parties to the call are all in California, state law requires that they be informed that the conversation is recorded or monitored by either putting a beep tone on the line or playing a recorded message. Federal law, which regulates phone calls with persons outside the state, does allow unannounced monitoring for business-related calls. An important exception is made for personal calls. Under federal case law, when an employer realizes the call is personal, he or she must immediately stop monitoring the call.

Watkins v. However, when employees are told not to make personal calls from specified business phones, the employee then takes the risk that calls on those phones may be monitored. Mobile Devices. Generally, your employer may monitor your use of any employer-provided mobile phone or device. Monitoring apps can secretly record your text messages, email, Internet usage, location, contacts, call logs, photos and videos.

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Some employers allow employees to use their own personal mobile devices for work purposes, either instead of or in addition to employer-provided devices. This is often referred to as bring your own device BYOD.

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BYOD programs pose great challenges in balancing the security of employer data and protecting employee privacy. The law concerning employee rights when they use their own devices is emerging as more employees use the same mobile devices for both work and personal purposes. This means legal issues are less likely to have clear cut answers. Audio and Video Recording. Video monitoring is a commonly used method for deterring theft, maintaining security and monitoring employees. Federal law does not prevent video monitoring even when the employee does not know or consent to being monitored.

In some instances, courts have upheld employee privacy. Specifically, some courts have sided with employee privacy in instances where the monitoring has been physically invasive, such as hidden cameras in a locker room or bathroom. Some state laws may have restrictions on where, how and why an employer may videotape employees.

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Labor unions may negotiate limitations on video recordings of unionized workers. ActionScript 3.

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