Building the Tesla Turbine

Building a Tesla Turbine From Hard Drive Platters
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The great engineer, Dr. Nikola Tesla, is best known for his work with alternating current AC electricity, but, did you know that he patented a bladeless type of turbomachinery in ? Tesla-type turbines can also be referred to as multiple-disk, friction, shear-force, or boundary layer turbomachinery.

The article features the image below to show off how small it was. It had one stage, ran at 9, rpm and had a steam pressure of lbs at the inlet and used 38 lbs of saturated steam per hp hour.

Building the Tesla turbine

Tesla claimed that he could get it down to eight lbs per hp hour with compounding. His novel design used two common fluid properties, viscosity and adhesion, that usually lowered turbine efficiency, to turn multiple flat disks of steel, mounted closely on a shaft.

Required Tools and Parts

How to Make a Tesla Turbine (Greenest Turbine): If you like this instructable is to have someone build a boiler, this turbine and a small r/c vehicle that could be. Build a Rpm Tesla Turbine Using Hard Drive Platters: Here's a project that uses some of those dead hard drives you've got lying around. In the Tesla.

When used as a turbine, the rotor and disks are enclosed in a housing and the fluid is injected at the edge of the disk through nozzles. The fluid then exits out holes near the shaft. If used as a pump or compressor, the fluid is pumped in through the holes near the shaft, spirals outward across the disks. Tesla pointed out several advantages of his new design, including simplicity, cost-effectiveness, and serviceability.

It could also be run in either direction, pretty cool. So, what happened?

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Barriers to Tesla Turbine Commercialization | HowStuffWorks

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Principle sealing of the shaft

I came across this more than years old invention by research for the construction of my Tesla coil. The turbine, also invented by Nikola Tesla, is praised in so many places on the Internet. That was reason enough for me to build such a turbine by myself. I decided to construct a completely new turbine in CAD because I've only seen Tesla turbines, which have a relatively small number of discs. After many hours of planning, I finally had a construction plan, in which the rotor of the turbine consisted out of 74 discs.

That the turbine can operate with fluids, gases or steam, I planned a vertical instead of a horizontal storage for the rotor. Reason for this consideration is the problem that during the operation with steam, water would accumulate in the casing and so an outlet would have to be plannend.

Patents on the Tesla turbine

With vertical storage in this case, the water can flow out easily to the bottom. The biggest problem with the design was to seal the shaft in such a way so that the turbine can operate with water or steam without any leakage. The following two pictures show the principle for which I decided.

That is the side where the shaft is not led to the outside [German]:. And that is the side at which the shaft is led to the outside with a magnetic coupling [German]:.

How and Why It Works

With common fluids, the required disk spacing is dismally small causing [rotors using] laminar flow to tend to be large and heavy for a prescribed throughflow rate. There is very brief biography off Tesla, a story about Tesla describing his turbine and a copy of the actual patent for the Tesla Turbine. I hope I was helpful. The casing consists of 9 parts, which I called casing 1 - 9. This item doesn't belong on this page. The shaft coupler I fixed to the shaft with small holes, through which I then pressed in pins.

For sealing, each side uses two shaft seals.